Connecting employers and newcomer academics

Our aim is to speed up the introduction to the Swedish labour market. Jobbsprånget is a four-month-long internship programme run by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) . The programme will connect you with Swedish employers in need of your competence.

The purpose of the programme is to create a bridge to the Swedish labour market and give you a chance to show your potential. The programme will give you valuable contacts, relevant experience and a chance to meet Swedish colleagues and friends.


In order to apply to Jobbsprånget you have to fulfil the following criteria:

• You have a degree in engineering, science, or business/finance (bachelor, master or higher degree)

• You have proficient English language skills, both spoken and written

• You are an asylum seeker at Migrationsverket or

• You are a newcomer academic registered at Arbetsförmedlingen

Visit us here : Jobbsprånget