Refugees Welcome
Why shouldn’t refugees be able to live in shared flats or other normal housing situations instead of being excluded from society in mass accommodations? We wondered the same thing, and figured out a way to make it happen.

We believe that we can create a more humane system of welcoming refugees to Sweden. Do you want to be a part of this effort? Do you have a free room in your house or shared flat?
That's how it works:
Step 1: Sign up

Sign up to begin the process of finding a new flatmate. If you are registering your home we simply need some basic information about where you live, yourself, and what you have available. If you are searching for a new home, you just need to register your contact information and what your looking for.

Step 2: Matching

Through our database we will work to find a suitable match for both parties. This begins the matching process which will consist of different meetings and discussions related to your expectations, rent, moving-in dates, and other practicalities to be included in your moving-in contract.

Step 3: Move in

Time to move in! After all steps of the matching process are completed, it is time for the new flatmate to move in.

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Become a volunteer

We are constantly looking for others who are passionate about our cause and willing to contribute their interest and skills through the matching process, public relations, social media, fundraising, or IT. Due to the fact that all our work is voluntary, we strive for a respected organization where everybody’s contribution makes a difference. In order for this to be possible, we need people who can be clear and transparent regarding their involvement, and to what extent they can be active. Sign up here to become a volunteer or email for questions and comments.


We gratefully accept any form of financial support that can help sustain and develop our project.

  • Swish: 1236035786
  • Bankgiro: 393-3991
Please contact us if you would like to donate in some other way:

1. Register Your Interest1. Register Your Interest

Sharing accommodation brings advantages for both sides. Refugees are able to live in adequate accommodation, learn the language better, and establish a more independent everyday life. While the host will gain the opportunity to learn a different culture and express solidarity towards people living in a new environment. If you want to take part in this, sign up here. When you register your flat we ask for some details about your living situation, such as the number of flatmates, the languages you speak, your city and surroundings etc. This information will help us match hosts with refugees. Registering your interest with us is not binding, but just the first step in a longer process. Our ambition is always to ensure sustainable matches, and it is important that each party feels comfortable throughout the entire process. Please observe that we are still in the building phases of this organization, and as a non-profit our work is completely volunteer based. For these reasons, it may take us a while to make initial contact.

2. Getting In Touch2. Getting In Touch

After you sign up, one of our volunteer matchers will contact you via email or phone and answer any questions you may have. If you are offering a room, we will visit you to asses the available space before we search for a potential tenant. We believe that personal chemistry is very important to a successful match, and for that reason the process is conducted through a series of steps which ensures a suitable living situation. When we believe we have found a potential match we will put you both in contact so that you can get to know each other. If everybody is happy, the moving in process can begin.

3. Here we go!3. Here we go!

It the match feels right for both parties the new tenant will move in as soon as possible. We will provide suggestions for establishing a contract which we strongly recommend both parties to sign. Two weeks following the move-in date we will contact you to make sure everything has gone as planned and all is well. This ends our involvement in the process, however you are of course welcome to contact us with questions or thoughts relating to the situation. We as a non-profit organization have a broad network and are happy to guide you to a suitable authority or organization based on your concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take until we get a match?

We believe the matching process is important and needs to be taken in carefully planned steps. Rushing the process could hinder the quality of the matches, and result in a match which is not ideal. This aspect of our work means that there is no clear answer regarding the length of each matching process, and this depends on the people involved and their personal situations. Additionally, we are a nonprofit organization working only on a volunteer basis, but despite this we are working hard to make the process as prompt as possible.

Do you earn money on connecting newcomers with places to live?

No, nobody that uses the service pays for it. Refugees Welcome Housing is a non-profit organization. However, you can support our work by making a donation.

• Swish: 1236035786
• Bankgiro: 393-3991

What types of accommodation are eligible to register?

We encourage all types of homes to offer available space. There may be families, couples, and single households varying from apartments to single family housing. This being said, we believe that a newcomer should stay on the same terms as the rest of the tenants in the home. Therefore, our basic rule is to offer them their own room. Having your own space is an essential aspect of living together, and is important to achieving the sense of belonging which this organization aims to provide. If you do not have an available room to offer but would still like to be involved, you can sign up as a volunteer at the organization.

How long will this arrangement last?

It is first and foremost up to you to decide. In order for both parties to have a safe and secure living situation, we will only arrange placements which can guarantee a period of at least three months.

There are several organizations called Refugees Welcome?

Yes. Many of these are working under the banner of ‘Refugees Welcome’ which is an international movement, and can apply to several organizations working with a wide array of projects such as receiving refugees at train stations, distributing food, and assisting in emergency situations. We at Refugees Welcome Housing collaborate with others, but ourselves only work with arranging long term accommodation. Links to other Swedish organizations working with related issues can be found here.

Do we have to bear any other costs in addition to rent?

Before moving in together, the two parties involved will write a standard contract, and agree on the rent together as well as what is included in the rent, such as food, utilities, etc. Financial responsibilities on behalf of both parties will be taken into account throughout the matching process, and expectations for all living costs need to be mutually understood before the match is made final.

Will Refugees Welcome help us with rent?

No. Renters will under certain conditions be able to apply for housing allowance from the Migration Board or the housing allowance from the Social Insurance Agency. You can read more about the financial support of the Swedish Migration Board. Another solution is that you can start a small collection of rent between yourself, those who are living in the home, friends, and acquaintances.

What happens if we don’t get along?

If this situation occurs, the same thing happens as in any other shared apartment or lease: you try to find a solution together, and sometimes you may have to terminate the contract. If problems arise, it will be easier for both parties if everything is communicated clearly from the beginning, and all conditions are decided upon in the contract.

Who can apply in search for housing?

Those who are currently in the asylum process, have been granted residency/asylum, or those who have been denied residency/asylum can apply for our service. In order to create a welcoming culture, we encourage people to welcome everybody who has recently arrived to Sweden and are in need of housing.

What happens in the long term for the new arrival?

This depends on several factors. We hope that you continue to stay together until the tenant begins to feel established in Sweden. It’s among the aims of this organization that the newcomer gains language skills and networking capabilities which will increase the chances of receiving permanent residency and potential employment. Furthermore, it is hoped that being part of a physical and emotional home will make them feel more welcome in this country, and lead to a more positive outlook toward their future. This being said, their position in Sweden ultimately relies on legal parameters which are beyond the work of this organization.

Do you provide housing for unaccompanied children?

No. The care of children and underage youth is a much bigger issue than just accommodation. We handle only accommodation in which two consenting adults sign a contract, however, there may be families with young children. If you are interested in assisting unaccompanied minors you can apply to become a fiduciary here.

How do you handle my personal data?

The information we ask for (name, address, telephone, housing data, etc.) is stored in our database. Your personal information is not available on the site. All data are however available to our volunteers who have signed a volunteer contract with us and have agreed to keep all information provided to the organization private. By law, we have a person responsible for handling personal information, and in this case that person is the organization’s president. If you would like to contact our president or have further questions you can contact

What is the role of Refugees Welcome after the match has been made?

We will contact both parties individually after two weeks to make sure that everything is going well. If problems have occurred between you, we are able to help find new accommodation through our services. However, we do not have a legal responsibility over what happens after the move-in date. Living together is a mutual agreement between two consenting adults. Our experience shows that through this structured matching process, a sustainable long-term living arrangement can result. Due to these factors, we as an organization will not have any participation in the living environment after the match.

About us

Who Are We?

Refugees Welcome Housing (org #:802497-4514) is a religiously and politically non-affiliated association which started fall 2015 with the purpose to create alternative housing solutions for newly arrived people in Sweden. Refugees Welcome Housing is part of an international network with Refugees Welcome International, and together we are opposing xenophobic migration policies.

What are our aims?

Refugees Welcome Housing works as a digital platform matching landlords and newly arrived tenants. We see a gap in the Swedish reception system which leads to individuals getting isolated in refugee camps without the possibility for humane and equal integration to take place. We believe that opening our homes can create a more humane culture of welcoming refugees to Sweden. One of our fundamental principles is that no one is illegal.

The “Refugees Welcome” Movement

Refugees Welcome Housing only works with housing solutions for new arrivals. In Sweden, there are several initiatives and organizations which are called by similar names and work with similar goals. However, we are a independent organization (not an umbrella organization) with connections to the international network or organizations working with the same concept. It is important for us to highlight how the entire Refugees Welcome Movement, and other organizations that focus there work on migration issues accounts for the same fundamental values. We are all working towards establishing a more humane society for everybody.

If you would like to get involved in other ways, or if you are in need of other help aside from housing, you can contact Refugees Welcome Sverige. They can help guide you to your local Refugees Welcome organization. To learn more about the asylum process, and get in touch with local groups fighting for asylum related rights, you can find more information on Flykting Gruppernas Riksråds (Refugee Groups’ National Council).

Other good initiatives we would like highlight are the Welcome Movement which works to facilitate newcomers to network, and JustArrived which targets the business community to facilitate new arrivals towards entering the labor market.


Feel free to contact us with any questions or to arrange any interviews.

Frequently asked questions which we can answer:
  • How we work.
  • Why is it important to make it easier for newly arriving refugees to live in the community as private individuals?
  • Get in contact with people who have been successfully matched through using our service.

Before contacting us please note that there are several organizations named “Refugees Welcome”. Refugees Welcome Housing (us) works to match refugees with available space in the private homes of individuals. Other organizations named “Refugees Welcome” work with a variety of projects such as reception at train stations, manifestations, community work, etc. The largest of these organizations is Refugees Welcome Stockholm, but it is an independent organization. We are included in a group of European, plus Canada and Australia, sister organizations which are also working with housing (

For press related topics please contact our press contact by email. We kindly ask that you be patient as we rely solely on volunteer work, and it may be a few days before you receive a response. Previously published press releases can be found on our press service.

Job vacancies

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